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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The snowman on the trail has been melting away and all that is left is the base, which barely got the dogs' attentions. Carl didn't deign to pee on it after giving it a sniff, and I don't think Griff even stopped at it. Milo and Racer also passed by without acknowledging the once-compelling landmark. A little later on, I threw some snowballs for Racer and Milo to catch, while Griff and Carl roamed ahead.

Variety Pack

There were some very active dogs at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon, who chased each other around as the wind howled through the park. Milo and Petie each joined in for short spurts here and there. They also both enjoyed the company of a pair of Huskies, and followed them around for a bit, sniffing in the same areas together.


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