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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff didn't wander too far off leash as he, Racer and I hiked Shanahan Ridge today. We encountered a few other dogs whom Griff happily went up to, to greet. Racer didn't pay a lot of attention to the passing dogs, but did sniff hello with one black Lab who came over to us.

Variety Pack

Rey, Carl, Zoey and Petie were all excited to enter the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. They raced in together to greet the first dog they saw, then continued to run around. The pack mostly went back and forth between sniffing around with their noses in the snow, and racing around with other dogs. Zoey was also entertained by the big, hard plastic ball that has been at the park for some time now. I kicked it around for her and she pounced on it and scraped at the surface with the sides of her jaws. Rey and Petie did the most running with others. Carl got a little overwhelmed by being chased at one point and used me as a shield so he could take a break.

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