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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Carl joined for his first Adventure Pack hike this morning! He did great hiking alongside Griff, who helped keep our little buddy on track. Racer and Sputnik made some stops to sniff and nibble grass along the Baseline Trail, but not as much as the pack did yesterday. When we made stops for Racer and Sputnik, Griff and Carl liked to check out the opposite edge of the trail.

Variety Pack

Zoey and Rey wrestled around at the house before we set out for our walk around Wonderland Lake, while Avo and Mamacita accepted some pets and snuggles. We saw quite a few other dogs along the way, and the pack all behaved themselves very nicely; of course, Avo always looked at me expectantly as soon as the other dogs were past, to make sure I noticed her treat-worthy demeanor. I didn't disappoint, so the whole pack got a pretty steady flow of afternoon snacks.

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