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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

It took a little encouragement to get Carl to brave the slightly deeper water when we crossed the stream to the Saddle Rock Trail at Gregory Canyon, but he managed it fine once he got in. Griff and Racer took their time in the water, while Sputnik was focused on getting across. We took a slower pace in the hot weather, so we didn't make it quite as far up the trail as on other days.

Variety Pack

After lounging in Eben G. Fine Park for a bit, the pack enjoyed a dip in Boulder Creek during our walk this afternoon. Rey was in and out pretty quickly, then chewed on some twigs she found on the bank of the creek. Avo, Mamacita, and Zoey all lingered in the water until it was time to move on. The water was really rushing, and the dogs stayed in a shallow spot, not far out.


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