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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We took a slightly slower pace today than yesterday, as Sputnik took his time following behind. Griff scouted ahead, as usual. Carl wanted to run ahead with Griff, but he instead got some practice heeling with distractions. He was all over the trail at the beginning of our hike, following his nose after every curiosity; but he settled down and walked in place with me better after a little while. We continued down along Boulder Creek, where the trees offered better shade, and boys all trotted along together nicely.

Variety Pack

The Foothills Dog Park was empty when Rey and Avo arrived. They took advantage of the open space by racing each other around in giant loops through the park. By the time I completed the perimeter loop,three other dogs had arrived, and a fourth soon followed. Rey and Avo sniffed friendly greetings with everyone. Much of the rest of the park visit was spent in under the shade canopy of the shelter near the park entrance. Rey played a bit with the youngest pup who was there. Avo chased down a few tennis balls but neglected to return with them. Every so often, I led the way out from the shade. Rey and Avo would hesitantly follow me, then have a brief period of playful running around, and then trot back to the shaded area for another period of rest. Rey splashed a bit in the water bowl, as did one of the other dogs there. I tried splashing some water onto Avo to help cool her down, but she dodged away and then lay down far away from the spigot.


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