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Tuesday Pack Activities (5/9/2023)

Adventure Pack

We took our time as the pack sniffed along the Baseline Trail and 6th Street Connector, and then ascended the Chautauqua Trail at a steady pace. Griff and Imogene stuck pretty close to the trail when they had some off leash time together, while Racer sniffed and nibbled at the grass along the trail's edge.

Variety Pack

Rey joined the pack this afternoon to celebrate her birthday with some friends. Zoey was happy to see her and the two of them wrestled around at the house while Carl refereed and Petie spectated. At the dog park, the pack greeted many other dogs. Petie was interested in a couple and followed them around a bit. Rey ran around with a friendly Australian Shepherd who was happy to chase after her. Carl was mostly just interested in his tennis ball, which he shared with Zoey some of the time.

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