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Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Carl and Griff had fun bounding through the snow together at Shanahan Ridge, while Racer and Sputnik kept poking their noses in it. Sputnik couldn't get enough snow to eat. Racer seemed more interested in poking her nose in to see what was hiding underneath.

Variety Pack

Avo, Rey, Mamacita, and Zoey were all very excited to go to the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. Mamacita sniffed around while the others played chase. Mamacita had some playful bouts as we traversed the park. Avo snatched a ball away from another dog and spent a good, long while flaunting it and getting the other dog to chase her around. Rey found a friend to play with who was a bit shy at first. Rey kept going over and getting the dog to run with her. Inevitably, she would get a little too rowdy and the other dog would snarl and Rey would back off; but she was persistent, and eventually had the other dog playing chase with her. Zoey enjoyed catching snowballs, and losing her tennis ball in the snow when I threw it for her. Mamacita tried jumping into the back of the packmobile again today, but didn't quite make it. I was able to catch her back end so she didn't fall, but her ascent wasn't entirely graceful.


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