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Wednesday Pack Activities (1/18/2023)

Adventure Pack

The pack headed to Shanahan Ridge for our hike this morning. Ruffers and Dylan raced each other through the snow while Sanni and Avo looked on, poised with keen interest. We encountered a number of other dogs out enjoying the snow. Avo picked a stick out of the snow and carried it along with her for a little while, chewing on it as we walked.

Variety Pack

Rey played rabbit with Imogene and Sanni chasing her back and forth through the yard before we headed to Goose Creek Greenway for our walk this afternoon. Imogene was still feeling playful during the walk, and kept poking at Rey to try to stir up trouble. Rey understood it was time for walking and she didn't get roped in by Imogene's advances, but Sanni perked up and tried to get Imogene to play with her instead. With enough interruptions, I was able to get them to set play time aside and walk nicely again like Rey.


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