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Wednesday Pack Activities (1/31/2024)

Adventure Pack

Lucy greeted each of her packmates with her usual, unbridled enthusiasm. Bear and Ruffers were both pretty tolerant of the onslaught of attention; Dylan was quick to tell Lucy off for getting in his face. Ruffers and Dylan followed me, Lucy and Bear on the trails at Shanahan Ridge, lingering behind to sniff here and there along the way. It was another quiet day with only a few encounters with other hikers. Dylan flopped down on one of the few remaining patches of ice along a particularly shady stretch of trail, to cool off a bit.

Variety Pack

Archie and Buddy had fun wrestling at the house before we headed out for our pack walk. Buddy continued to try to egg Archie on as we walked Goose Creek Greenway, and Archie was receptive to the attention. Alfie was very interested in the prairie dogs; he lunged at one who ducked into it's den hole near the path we were walking. Lumi decided to get in on the playful prodding of Archie later on during the walk. Dylan kept out of the young boys' shenanigans and just trotted along in place.


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