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Wednesday Pack Activities (11/16/2022)

Adventure Pack

The trails at the Chautauqua were much busier today. We passed quite a few other dogs out for a hike on the Mesa Trail. Dylan enjoyed rolling around in some of the snow patches. He, Avo and Ruffers all congregated at various spots along the way so they could thoroughly investigate the scents that were to be found. We didn't see any deer today, but Avo stayed on leash just in case.

Variety Pack

Imogene and Carl kept nibbling on snow from beside the Boulder Creek Path as we walked this afternoon. Imogene also snatched up some twigs and chewed them as we walked. This caught the attentions of both Carl and Rey. Carl jumped up and tried to steal the twig from Imogene while Rey just watched with curiosity. Archie and Imogene were both in playful moods. They made play-bows and gave each other daring looks every so often as we were walking, but they didn't get too carried away. Zoey, Dylan and Rey all stayed in formation, keeping pace with me nicely the entire walk.

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