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Wednesday Pack Activities (11/22/2023)

Adventure Pack

All quite interested in olfactory matters, Ruffers, Bear, Taco and Dylan took their time sniffing along Baseline Trail with stops about every 15 feet or so. A friendly old Australian Cattle Dog stopped to say hello with the pack while everyone was pulled off to the side of the trail checking things out. Taco resisted going up Chautauqua Trail at first, but did fine once he got moving. Dylan had a good pant going from early on but kept up without a problem. Ruffers and Bear lingered behind a bit, catching up every so often when we stopped and I called for them.

Variety Pack

Monkey played with everybody before we headed out for the pack walk around Wonderland Lake this afternoon. The rabbits were out and Alfie was on alert for them; Lumi, Archie and Monkey didn't take particular notice. Archie was on the lookout for dogs coming from ahead and behind us on the path, and got pretty worked up as they went by. Lumi was pretty chill throughout the walk, although he and Monkey also perked up a bit at the sight of passing dogs.

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