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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan led the way up to the Red Rocks this morning. Ruffers started off following just behind Dylan, but gradually fell further behind as she lingered to sniff around. Lizzo wasn't as playful with the water at the Farmer's Ditch today. She just got her paws wet, standing at the edge while Sputnik and Ruffers waded around, and Dylan lay down for a good soak as usual.

Variety Pack

Imogene, Carl, and Lizzo had their first pack outing to the dog park today. I discovered that Imogene is absolutely nuts about fetching tennis balls. She would barely let me pick the ball up to throw it again, without diving in to try to snatch it with unbridled enthusiasm. Carl was a social butterfly, and wandered all over the park, making friends. Lizzo was a bit wary at first, and barked at the dogs she saw across the fence as we approached the park. Once we were inside, she didn't bark at them anymore, but she ran away from any who were too interested in sniffing her. Rey immediately found a couple friends to run with, and Lizzo started to get more comfortable as she joined in with them. Mamacita took her time walking the park at her own pace. At one point, she flopped down in the grass to roll and wiggle a bit. When she got back up, Rey went over and stood next to her for close to a solid minute, just quietly asserting their friendship as they smiled and panted beside each other. I thought to pull out my camera a moment too late, but it was one of the sweetest things I have seen.


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