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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik seemed back to a normal energy level for today's hike. Carl and Dylan led the way up to the Farmer's Ditch. Some OSMP volunteers were amused at Dylan's way of lying down in relatively deep water to get his whole body soaked. Sputnik and Ruffers were on leash with me, but followed their packmates into the water once we caught up. A short while later, Carl was distracted by some squawking magpies, and kept going back and forth between a couple trees, to keep tabs on them. Dylan lingered behind at the fork momentarily, but then headed up the mountain with me, Ruffers, and Sputnik. Once it was clear that Carl was too distracted to heed my call, I went back down to the fork to get his attention. He finally snapped out of it and then came bounding up the trail back to the pack.

Variety Pack

Imogene, Rey, and Lizzo headed to CU South for a light hike on the mostly-flat trails there. When we reached the muddy ditch that Rey and Carl recently enjoyed, Rey started down a little path in the brush toward it; however, this time, she actually listened when I called her back, and she didn't get into the mud! I gave her lots of pets when she came back, and her fill of water from the CamelBak. Lizzo and Imogene also took some water and pets. Lizzo was very interested in Rey's off-leash wanderings, and tried to tackle her whenever she came back to the group. Imogene was less concerned, and took it in stride. We didn't see any other dogs while we were out. It was pretty hot, but cloud cover took the edge off for most of the walk.


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