Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan was waiting in the driver's seat when I came back to the car with Ruffers, on our way out for morning hike. He had fallen out of the habit, but has started it up again in the past couple weeks. We made our way through the Chautauqua Meadow at a very slow pace, as Ruffers wanted to stop and sniff every bush along the way. We headed partway up the Gregory Canyon Trail, where Dylan and Ruffers sniffed hello with a few passing dogs.

Variety Pack

Imogene, Rey, Lizzo, and Carl were all worked up about the prairie dogs by Valmont City Park this afternoon. Combined with Zoey being in a particularly stubborn mood and stopping in place repeatedly, our walk was a bit less orderly than some days. The interest in the prairie dogs gradually waned as we went, but the dogs kept switching up positions in their walking formation, and they pulled around quite a bit. At least we had a calm moment when everyone sat for the pack photo and got a treat.