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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan, Ruffers, and Sputnik meandered through the Chautauqua Park on our way to the trail head. We were moving pretty slowly at the start, but the pack started trotting along once they got going. After our first short loop up the mountain, Dylan and Ruffers both resisted heading back out for a second loop through the meadow, but they gave in and came along with just a little bit of nudging.

Variety Pack

Rey wrestled alternately with Imogene and Zoey before setting out for our walk. Carl joined in when his big sister and Rey were mixing it up, and he also joined in when they had settled down and were just licking each other's faces. At the start of the walk, Imogene was still feeling a bit playful, and she made a couple moves with Carl before I got her to focus on walking. We headed down from Foothills Park and walked around Wonderland Lake. I tried walking Carl on my right side, and he did a bit better at staying with the pack and not pulling ahead. The rest of the pack all walked nicely in formation as well.


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