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Wednesday Pack Activities (5/31/2023)

Adventure Pack

The pack stopped to sniff and mark a lot of spots along the Baseline Trail towards Gregory Canyon - particularly the boys. On our way up the Gregory Canyon Trail, Avo and Bear kept slipping down the small side paths that lead to the stream. Dylan, Griff and I followed them there and found one spot that felt like and adventure-lagoon-spa for dogs, complete with waterfall and several different basins that collected water, which then spilled over into the next area. The dogs enjoyed themselves there before returning to the main trail and continuing on our way up. We made another stop at the doggie spa on our way back down. Griff got a boost of energy and started bounding all around. When we walked through Chautauqua Park at the end of the hike, Dylan enjoyed a roll in the grass. Avo then rolled around in a different spot on the other end of the park. When she was done, Bear flopped down and rolled around in front of her and then we all just enjoyed sitting in the grass for a minute before heading back to the packmobile.

Variety Pack

Archie and Lou wrestled around at the house a bit before the pack headed out for our walk around Wonderland Lake - a little earlier than usual, hoping to beat the thunderstorms. Griff and Dylan weren't done leaving copious scent marks, as they continued to do so this afternoon. Lou also made quite a few stops to pee. Archie pulled off into the grass now and then, but not with the directed intention of his packmates. On our return, we encountered a deer standing in the sidewalk and nibbling on the overgrown brush. The dogs were surprisingly mellow about it even though it was only about 20 yards ahead. We waited for traffic to pass before moving forward and shooing the deer on, in case it decided to head into the street; instead, it turned and went into the adjacent field where the rest of its family was tucked away. We managed to finish the walk before any significant rainfall started, despite the thunder that had begun rumbling when we were still by Wonderland Lake.


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