Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack met a friendly young pup at the Chautauqua today. Dylan was first to say hello; Carl eagerly followed up; and Ruffers was last to sniff greetings before the puppy went on its way. Sputnik was content to drink water and ignore the pup behind him while his packmates socialized. The leaves of one particular pinnate plant along the trails - the classification of which I am clueless - are turning bright red, which lent a very pleasing palate to the backdrop of our outing, through certain stretches.

Variety Pack

Imogene and Rey paired off to chase each other around, while Lizzo and Carl got straight to wrestling when they were at the house together before our afternoon walk. We waited out the rain a bit, and headed to Foothills Park when it was only a light drizzle. That cleared up after a short while, and the remainder of our walk was precipitation-free. Lizzo grabbed a crabapple from beside the trail and carried it along for a bit before dropping it, distracted by the sight of another dog walking some distance away. Zoey, Rey, and Imogene ignored the crabapples, as well as the acorns that Lizzo later sniffed at with great curiosity.