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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Dylan rolled in the grass while Avo chewed on a thick stick she found at Chautauqua Park, when we first set out for our hike. Sputnik kept up a better pace today, following close behind Dylan, who led the way up the mountain. At one point, we stopped and I squatted down for a huddle with the pack. Dylan didn't hesitate to came over and give me some kisses. Sputnik, in turn, give Dylan some kisses on the cheek. Avo, Dylan, and Sputnik all did a little bit of grazing on the fresh sprouts of grass today. Further into the hike, Avo found something much more valuable than baby grass - a small deer leg. Ruffers was very interested in Avo's find, but the boys were unimpressed. I got Avo to give up the leg for a treat, but she growled when Ruffers made a move toward the prize she left behind. At the end of the walk, Avo invited Ruffers to play with her in the grass. Ruffers hovered around Avo but didn't get too worked up.

Variety Pack

Carl, Zoey, Rey, Petie, and Imogene all had a fun time at the Valmont Dog Park this afternoon. There were quite a few other dogs there, and everyone was friendly. There was a lot of milling around and sniffing, and some play moves here and there. While the rest of the pack was very social, Imogene was mostly just interested in getting me to throw tennis balls for her, but also not letting me throw tennis balls for her. Carl also played some fetch, and was very insistent that I produce a new tennis ball for him whenever he lost track of the one he had been using.


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