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Wednesday Pack Activities (9/21/2022)

Adventure Pack

Dylan and Ruffers happily greeted a friendly hiker who stopped to say hello to them, as we were making our way up the Ski Jump Trail this morning. The pair of them lingered behind together a lot today, sniffing around in the brush. When Avo and Griff had their turns off leash, Avo bounded all over the mountain with unbridled joy. Griff mostly just sniffed ahead, but jogged after Avo a couple times when she darted by the pack.

Variety Pack

Archie and Rey played hard at the house before our walk at the Goose Creek Greenway this afternoon. Carl and Archie also wrestled around a bit; Imogene stayed out of the fray. As soon as we were back in the packmobile, Rey's switch flipped from 'play' to 'chill' and she just lay down, completely ignoring Archie, who was throwing himself all over her, desperately trying to trip the switch back into 'play' mode. There was a brief moment during the walk when Rey responded to Archie's advances with a playful hop, but she mostly ignored him and just wanted to sniff along the side of the path. Imogene and Carl kept to my other side, walking in place very nicely the whole time. Despite the gray skies and damp air, we didn't get rained on.

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