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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers brought up the rear while Griff led the way up the Chautauqua and Ski Jump trails this morning. Dylan and Avo were on leash with me, keeping up a steady pace at my sides. Despite all the cars parked at the Chautauqua, the trails didn't seem all that busy, and we had a very pleasant hike. Avo flopped down in the tall grass once even though it wasn't all that hot. The rest of the pack had their tongues out, but didn't care to hang out in the shade today.

Variety Pack

The dogs made a few friends at the park this afternoon. One young black-and-tan pup enjoyed chasing Archie around. Rey joined in and got the other pup to run with her a bit, too. Dylan sniffed greetings with various dogs, and went for a roll in the grass. Imogene was single-mindedly focused on playing fetch, and on insisting that I throw the ball for her while simultaneously doing her best not to let me pick it up.


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