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Friday, April 7th

Adventure Pack

Coco and Rucksack enjoyed chasing each other through the brush and snow on the Mesa Trail this morning. Sputnik and Mamacita watched with restrained excitement, leaping towards their packmates whenever the chase brought them near us. On the way back, everyone was pretty mellow and kept in pace without pulling at all, so I was able to comfortably hold all their loose leashes in one hand.

Variety Pack

I tried to keep the pack from getting too messy by keeping them on leash as we went by the stretch of trail at CU South Campus where there are really mucky ditches; however, moments after unleashing some of them, Thompson wandered off and found some muck to wade through anyway, and came out with all of his legs dyed black. Coco then followed suit, but due to her dark coat the evidence was less visible. Thankfully, Ruffers and Benny steered clear of the muck; Stella and Colby stayed on the leash, so they kept clean as well. Aside from Thompson and Coco's one indiscretion, the pack stuck together very nicely as we made our way around the trail loop, and greeted passing dogs with friendly interest. We passed one crew of three dogs with two bicyclists and Ruffers made some playful moves with them as the rest of the pack sniffed hello. Thompson took a dip in the pond at the tail end of the hike, which helped wash out some of the muck from his fur. Coco's shorter fur was already all dried out by that point.

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