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Friday, May 5th

Adventure Pack

We took several water breaks along the way today due to the hotter weather. Roger Roger, Sputnik, and Coco were all happy to lap up the water; even Mamacita took water during our first couple stops. A family said hello to the dogs when we were on the trails. Roger Roger was the first to go up and get pets, followed soon after by Coco and Sputnik in turn. Mamacita opted to sniff around at the side of the trail while her packmates got attention.

Variety Pack

Thompson, Ruffers, Coco, and Stella were all happy to hop into the water flowing through the ditch at the CU South Campus trail this afternoon. Thompson, Ruffers, and Coco all lingered in the water for as long as possible, while Stella was satisfied with a quick dip that included lying down to wet her belly. Stella went back up to the trail to wait for the rest of the pack to get moving again. We met a very friendly Australian Shepherd along the way who sniffed hello with the whole pack.

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