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Tuesday, May 9th

Adventure Pack

Griff and Mamacita, who know each other from outside the pack, got to hike together today along with Coco and Sputnik! We had a pleasant time out and the pack got several comments from passers-by on what a beautiful group they made. Griff and Mamacita took water when I cradled their heads and tucked the spout under their lips, while Coco and Sputnik were much more eager for a drink. I wonder whether Griff will grow more interested in taking water on his own with time, or whether he will continue to require some coaxing like Mamacita still does.

Variety Pack

There was a rambunctious crew of a few playful dogs at the park this afternoon. Ruffers and Isaac both ran around with them a bit. Coco hovered around them, too, seemingly keeping tabs on everyone and making sure things didn't get too rowdy. Thompson and Mamacita stayed out of the excitement, but Thompson did find a tall, yellow-coated dog who interested him. He followed the other dog around a bit and tested the waters by momentarily leaning his chest into the dog's shoulder and then backing off. The other dog was neither offended nor took particular interest in playing with Thompson, and eventually wandered off.

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