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Tuesday, May 16th

Adventure Pack

Sputnik has sat out the last couple pack hikes with a paw injury but seemed to be feeling fine today. He was even in a particularly calm and pleasant mood as we encountered other dogs along the trail. Griff had a fun time exploring off leash with Coco again. We headed partway up the Royal Arch and the dogs all enjoyed taking a break at a stream that runs through the trail. Coco, Griff, and Sputnik all splashed around while Isaac lied in the running water to wet his belly. It was a fun time and we got back to the car shortly before the thunderstorm rolled in.

Variety Pack

I waited for a bit to let the storm pass after I gathered up the pack this afternoon. Skies started looking clearer over the CU South Campus trails so we headed there for the day. Coco, Thompson, Ruffers, and Isaac all enjoyed a nice, light hike free from the lightning strikes that were cause for some stress when I was picking up the pack around town. We came across a pair of very friendly Austrlian Shepherds on the trail who came over and spent a long while sniffing the pack and getting acquainted. The younger of the two made some playful moves with both Ruffers and Coco, who responded in kind.

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