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Wednesday, May 24th

Adventure Pack

The dogs were thirsty on our hike this morning. Sputnik and Mamacita both took long drinks from the CamelBak and also from a couple streams we crossed. Colby went for a drink from the CamelBak but didn't linger in the streams to slake her thirst like her packmates. The trails were busy with both humans and dogs, and a few of the dogs came over for a passing sniff.

Variety Pack

Coco found a nice puddle of mud to lie down in at the park this afternoon. Meanwhile, Sanaya and Ruffers were both flirting with an intact male hound dog. They both busted out all their most playful moves: spins, leaps, bows, and paws on his shoulders. Mamacita and Thompson spent their time roaming the park at their own pace and thoroughly sniffing around in the brush.