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Tuesday, June 6th

Adventure Pack

Griff and Coco had a fun time sniffing around in the brush as they hiked off leash together this morning. Whenever they found interesting spots near the trail and lingered there, I brought Sputnik over on leash so he could be part of the investigations as well.

Variety Pack

Ruffers found a chocolate Lab to play with as soon as we arrived at the park today. While she was having fun hopping and dodging around, Isaac was quick to find a tennis ball. Coco followed me closely and played fetch along with Isaac, going after the shorter throws as she usually does. Sanaya and Thompson wandered around, sniffing and greeting the other dogs at the park. Later on, Ruffers and Sanaya became interested in a Great Dane and followed him around for a bit. Isaac took a dip in the kiddie pool, which was greatly preferable to the mud puddles he and Coco got into recently.

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