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Thursday, June 8th

Adventure Pack

There was a lot of panting from the pack this morning as we made our way along the trails at the Chautauqua. Cooper and Sputnik both wanted to make frequent stops to sniff and mark along the way. Coco and Griff both munched on a little bit of the tall grass a couple times as they waited for their packmates to take care of their business. Griff showed a passing interest in some critter up a tree, but he didn't get very worked up about it. I just looked over to see him staring up, and then he seemed to shrug as he walked back over to me.

Variety Pack

Isaac and Sanaya both hogged the water bowls as they dipped their tennis balls and their paws into the bowls in between rounds of fetch. Sanaya had a heated disagreement with a Malamute over water rights at one point. Sanaya ended up being run off, but no one got hurt. Thompson had water poured on him by a man who confused him with his younger Husky, but Thompson didn't seem to mind at all as it helped him cool off a bit. Ruffers was excited to greet former park regular Troy with his two dogs Scuff and Hoshi when he showed up, back from California for a bit. She mostly lounged around, but had some fun rolling on her back and kicking playfully at a dog who looked just like our pack member Colby, though a bit bigger.

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