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Friday, June 23rd

Adventure Pack

Rucksack was happy to have Ruffers along for the hike this morning, as he returned to his habit of bathing her ears in licks after they roamed the trails together. A hiker asked to pet the pack and the dogs were all happy to oblige. Sputnik was the most enthusiastic, as usual, and I had to discourage him from jumping up while he was getting attention. Rucksack and Ruffers both went up with a little more poise. Mamacita was the last to approach and appreciated a chin scratch before we continued on our way. I kept everyone on leash when we got close to the area where we spotted a bear yesterday, but we didn't have an encounter today.

Variety Pack

We headed to the CU South Campus trails again today. Coco, Roger Roger, Colby, and Yoda all had a fun time running all over the place. Colby played the rabbit most of the time while her packmates all pursued. They all splashed through the stream when we reached it, and I brought Stella and Thompson down to give them a chance to take a dip, too. Thompson jumped at the opportunity and got right in, but Stella decided to keep dry. Yoda spent a little while sniffing along the parallel trail on the other side of the ditch on his own, but eventually rejoined the rest of us.

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