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Wednesday Pack Activities (4/24/2024)

Adventure Pack

Our usual Wednesday pack was joined by Carl and Sanni, as Jen came along to lend a hand. Carl and Ruffers were very excited to see each other. Carl hopped around Ruffers while Ruffers batted at the air and patted him on the head - it was an adorable sight. Bear tried to snatch a fly out of the air as we made our way up Bluebell Road, but the fly was well gone before his jaws chomped shut. A little later in the hike, Lucy was eyeing the many small butterflies we passed, and she attempted in vain to dive at a few of them. Sanni was quite self-directed when she wanted to pull over to sniff. It can be challenging to get her to follow with the pack when she has it in mind that she wants to check something out, because she is very strong and not that keen on resisting the pull of her curiosity. Dylan was less grumpy with Lucy in the car today than usual. Perhaps that was because Sanni was doing the job for him, grumbling about Lucy's excitement - a surprising reaction, since Sanni is often an avid puppy playmate. Bear seems to be getting more used to Lucy's puppy energy, and even wrestled around with her a bit while Sanni complained about it.

Variety Pack

As the pack walked Bear Creek Greenway, Buddy followed his usual routine of periodically trying to leap across me to tackle Archie. Archie was less drawn in by Buddy's antics today, which made it easier to manage. There was only one time when Archie started hopping around and play-bowing in response to Buddy. There was also one time when Archie tried to get Lumi stirred up, but that didn't take; Lumi shrugged off sudden flurry of attention Archie directed towards him. Alfie actually reacted a bit more than usual to Buddy nibbling at his elbows; rather than completely ignoring Buddy, Alfie shifted up his gait and poked his nose down at Buddy a couple times. It's going to take some more dedicated attention to reshape Buddy and Archie's impulses to become agents of chaos during walks, but it's fun to see the two of them play when I'm not trying to keep everyone's leashes untangled. All the while, Griff was bringing up the rear of the pack with poise and aplomb. We had nice cloud cover during the walk, which made the weather very pleasant for being out and about.


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