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Tuesday, June 27th

Adventure Pack

We headed to Gregory Canyon again today and the dogs got to stop at the stream both on the way out and the way back. Coco and Griff also splashed around in the water down in the gully beside the trail when they were off leash together. I was pleasantly surprised with Cooper and Sputnik when they didn't react to a dog who came over and growled at us while we were making a pit stop by the water. Cooper wasn't as well mannered when we first parked and a little dog walked by the car; he was very stirred up and barked quite a bit, even when the dog was down the street and out of sight behind shrubs.

Variety Pack

A gentle breeze and the cloud cover made our walk along the Bear Creek Path pretty pleasant. We took our time as Ruffers, Thompson, Isaac, Colby, and Yoda were all very interested in sniffing around in the grass at Martin Park both at the outset and ending of our journey.

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