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Thursday, June 29th

Adventure Pack

We headed to Gregory Canyon again today with no more bear sightings. The pack stayed calm and happy when each of several other dogs passed by us on the trails today. Coco lay down in the stream as she loves to do, while Griff, Cooper, and Sputnik just walked around in the ankle-deep water and drank a bit.

Variety Pack

Thompson, Isaac, and Colby were joined by Isaac's friends Ender and Ollie for a light hike on the Goat Trail just East of Sanitas this afternoon. The two friendly newbies got along very well with the pack upon first sniff. Ollie and Ender pulled a bit at the leash at first, but Ender fell into place alongside Colby pretty quickly. Ollie continued to try to get ahead on and off throughout the hike. Meanwhile, Thompson and Isaac brought up the rear. Everybody enjoyed a drinking water from the CamelBak spout during a couple water breaks along the way.

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