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Wednesday, July 5th

Adventure Pack

Mamacita and Colby were eager to get to the stream on our way up to the Anemone Trail this morning. Sputnik happily joined them in the water when we reached it and we lingered there for a while before making our way up the mountain. We took a break at a shady spot off the trail before heading back toward the red rocks. We made another stop at the stream, where the pack all got in another good soak before going up the next mountain. The pups were all pretty tuckered out for our final descent and we made our way back through the park with onlookers commenting on how well behaved they all were.

Variety Pack

We had a new member join the pack this afternoon: Zoey! Zoey is a very friendly Goldendoodle who instantly got along with all of her packmates. She seemed to especially take a liking to Mamacita - who was still with us from the morning's Adventure Pack - and Zoey tried to follow her out of the car when we dropped Mamacita off before our afternoon outing. We headed to the CU South Campus where the pack all enjoyed a dip in the pond early on. Zoey seemed to really want to run with her new packmates Coco and Ruffers, so I let her off the leash and the three of them had a blast chasing each other through the brush while Thompson and Isaac hiked along at my side. We made another stop at the stream that runs through the ditch alongside the trail, and everyone splashed around for a couple minutes. As we continued around the loop, Ruffers kept falling behind to sniff around while Zoey and Coco stuck pretty close to Thompson, Isaac, and me. Zoey fit right in with her new friends and we're looking forward to having her join us again tomorrow!