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Tuesday, July 11th

Adventure Pack

We moved a bit slower along the trails today due to the humidity along with the heat. None of the pack were in a hurry to get back hiking during our breaks at the water. Despite that, Griff mustered up the energy to bound along the trail to catch up whenever he fell behind to get his paws wet in a stream. Coco ran along with him a few times but not with as much bounce in her step. Cooper and Sputnik stayed on leash at my side. Sputnik made frequent stops to pee, while Cooper took his time on uphill stretches.

Variety Pack

Zoey and Isaac were on the same page today as they both played lots of fetch and made lots of trips to the kiddie pool to cool down. Zoey tends to lose focus after she grabs up the ball, and she only brought it back to me a few times. Isaac usually serves as the ball returner in such situations, but Zoey brings the ball off in a random direction and tends to drop it in the brush where Isaac has a harder time noticing it. Meanwhile, Ruffers had fun running around with both Zoey and Isaac early on during our park visit and later she inserted herself into a wrestling match between a couple playful pups. Aside from that, she spent a good chunk of her time lying in the shade and rolling around on her back whenever I came over to pet her.

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