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Thursday, July 13th

Adventure Pack

We didn't head as far up the Anemone Trail this morning but instead made our way over to the Red Rocks Trails and took a few breaks by the stream. Griff has been getting more and more expressive and playful with his packmates as time goes by. When we were taking a break in the shade today, Coco started digging up a patch of dirt next to Griff. He woofed at her each time she started digging and then the two of them danced around each other a bit with playful poise. As we were hiking later on, Griff started bolting up and down and back and forth across the trail while Coco, Sputnik, and Cooper all leapt at him as he passed by. It's fun to see Griff letting loose more, although he has also been growing a bit less responsive to coming when called, so we'll have to work on that.

Variety Pack

Zoey loves fetch and water almost as much as Isaac. The two of them make an entertaining pair as they run down balls and then splash through the kiddie pool. I'm hoping to develop a better ball-return routine with Zoey, though, so I don't have to keep searching through the weeds to figure out when and where she decided to drop the ball after getting distracted. While those two were having a blast, Ruffers and Thompson were sniffing around and making friends with the other dogs at the park. Ruffers, Zoey, and Isaac all joined in with a couple others for a quick chase focused on a particularly energetic, young Australian Shepherd. I sat with Thompson and gave him some pets and massage while watching their antics.

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