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Tuesday, July 18th

Adventure Pack

The air was hot but storm clouds kept the sun off of us this morning, and the pack didn't care to linger in the stream for long when we stopped there on our way up the mountain. Cooper made slightly less frequent stops to leave scent marks along the way today, and Sputnik only joined in some of the time. Griff gave a single, sudden bark at Coco again when Coco started digging in the dirt during one of our water breaks in the shade. Then, the two of them sniffed at each other for a minute and Coco made a couple flirty moves.

Variety Pack

Ruffers and Zoey had fun racing around the Valmont Dog Park together this afternoon. After their initial play together, they both showed more interest in hanging out with other dogs. When they weren't running around with other friendly pups, Ruffers was relaxing in the shade and Zoey was trying to snag tennis balls alongside Isaac. Isaac and Zoey both spent plenty of time in the kiddie pool again today. Zoey's habit of holding onto the tennis ball turned into stripping the skin off the ball today, rather than just carrying it along until forgetting it randomly in the brush.

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