Thursday, July 20th

Adventure Pack

At one point during today's hike, Griff thought he detected something down in the gully beyond the stream where the pack was taking a break. He stared intently and growled low, and was soon joined by Sputnik. I didn't see anything, and Coco and Cooper weren't bothered, so we just moved on up the trail. When we came by on a switchback further up the mountain, Sputnik stared down in the same direction but I still couldn't figure out what had his attention.

Variety Pack

Ruffers, Zoey, and Isaac enjoyed a walk along the Bear Creek Path together this afternoon. There were storm clouds overhead and we caught a light sprinkle at the tail end of our walk. Along the way, we came across several different dogs, accompanying their humans who were take various modes of transportation - bicycle, skateboard, and foot. One who was with a biker stopped by to sniff hello with the pack.