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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Ruffers joined Sputnik and Mamacita for our hike this morning. We made three stops at different points in the stream that runs through the Anemone/Red Rocks area - first, under the bridge on our way up Anemone; second, on the route towards Sanitas; third, on our way down from the Red Rocks. The dogs all lingered when I called them out to get on our way. I didn't blame them, given the heat.

Variety Pack

I wet Stella's belly with the water from the CamelBak a couple times again today since she doesn't like to drink from it the way her packmates do - not even when I try tucking it under her lip, which is what I do with some of our hesitant drinkers like Mamacita, Cooper, and Ruffers. She enjoyed a stop in the grass where she wiggled around for a bit. I snapped photos of her and then the whole group, and then Coco decided it was her turn. As best as I can remember, Colby has yet to indulge in the joy of a wiggle in the grass on our pack outings. I wonder whether seeing her packmates' thrill will tempt her into trying it out herself one of these days.

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