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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We headed further up the Anemone Trail than usual since the cooler weather allowed for a more strenuous hike. We passed one little pup on our way up and I thought Sputnik was going to be calm but then he decided he needed to growl at the last moment when the little one was almost completely past us already. His little outburst gave a couple oncoming hikers pause and they stepped to the side of the trail to let us pass. Ironically, on the way back down, I had Mamacita, Ruffers, Colby, and Sputnik all sit at the side of the trail to give another hiker space on her way up and she commented that they were all so well behaved. Taking the initiative can really make a difference!

Variety Pack

Yoda joined the pack this afternoon and Thompson was back after taking a break through the heat wave! We headed to CU South Campus where the dogs all enjoyed splashing around in the ditch beside the trail. Zoey and Coco stuck by each other as they sniffed around just ahead of the rest of us. Yoda was back and forth between lagging behind to sniff and going up to the head of the pack with Coco and Zoey. At one point, Yoda went off to explore in the tall weeds, beyond the ditch and past the lower trail, but he eventually headed back to rejoin the group and then stuck by me and Thompson the rest of the way.