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Friday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

We headed over to the CU South Campus trails this morning, where there are long enough sight lines for Sputnik to enjoy some time off leash. He and Ruffers raced through the brush together. When other dogs were approaching, I called Sputnik back to put him on a leash. The ditch was running high with water today. Mamacita hesitated to jump down into it because she had trouble judging the depth. She put a test paw down and then pulled back when she couldn't reach the bottom. After walking along the edge of the water, she found a safer spot to enter and then hopped into water that almost covered her back. Ruffers and Sputnik weren't so reluctant; in fact, Sputnik bounded in and out of the water gleefully without any forethought.

Variety Pack

The parking lots at Eben G. Fine and Settlers Parks were completely full so we found some street parking near the overpass at 6th Street to walk Boulder Creek this afternoon. We made our way straight down and into the water, then headed toward the library. There were a lot of people out along the Creek, as the parking situation had foreshadowed. Colby was a little jumpy with all the people around, but not too bad. Coco and Stella didn't mind the bustle at all. We made our way back and looped around Eben G. Fine Park, where we saw dozens of people with inner tubes. We managed to find one unused bank along the Creek and the pack all hopped in for another soak. This time, Stella lay right down to get her belly wet while Colby and Coco sniffed hello with a friendly black Lab who was splashing around in the water.

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