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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The Anemone Trail was closed off due to some construction in the area, so the pack looped around throughout the Red Rocks Spurs this morning. Our first water break was at a different point in the stream than usual due to our detour, but we reached it at about the same time as usual. Ruffers, Mamacita, Sputnik, and Colby waded in the water for a few minutes while a couple kids splashed around upstream and their mom and Golden Retriever sat on the bank. Colby was slightly more jumpy around other hikers today, perhaps freaked out by the construction noises in the distance. Sputnik, on the other hand, was eager to greet some kids we passed as we were making our way down. He gave them all kisses as they pet him, but he stayed on all four paws and didn't bowl anyone over. Mamacita and Ruffers weren't jumpy like Colby, but they hung back with her while Sputnik did all the greeting.

Variety Pack

Coco and Zoey walked the Boulder Creek Path together again today. Zoey is still having some sensitivity issues with her back end after yesterday's plastic situation, but she did fine walking along the path. Coco was feeling especially goofy today. Each time we took a pause at the side of the path, she immediately flopped down and started wiggling in the grass. She grabbed some small sticks and flung them around while she was at it, just to make as big a spectacle of herself as she could.

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