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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Cooper was pretty worked up this morning. He barked at the packmobile when I pulled in to pick him up, and he started barking at the first dog we came across as we set out at Eben G. Fine Park. He continued barking at the other dog even as I walked the pack in the opposite direction, and Sputnik then tried to intervene by mounting Cooper. I got Sputnik off of his packmate and then Cooper settled down when the other dog was out of sight. Cooper and Sputnik both stopped to mark spots about every 20 feet for the first 10 minutes we were out. Rucksack and Mamacita both left their own marks a few times as well. After all that, we headed up the Red Rocks Trails and had a nice hike. Rucksack and Sputnik got lots of pets from some kids we passed. Mamacita got a few pats, as well. Cooper was busy sniffing around at the side of the trail so he missed out on the pets. Back at the park, we came by a few pairs of dogs and Cooper was thankfully much less agitated about them. Then, we came across our packmate Ruffers! Sputnik was especially excited to see her. He mouthed at her neck and dropped into play bows for her. Rucksack was more interested in saying hello to Ruffers' mom, as he went right up and leaned against her. After a rocky start, it turned out to be a very nice outing!

Variety Pack

Coco, Colby, and Stella headed to a new destination for the pack this afternoon. We went to the Boulder Valley Ranch in far North Boulder. The views there were gorgeous and it wasn't busy at all. I kept the pack all on leash since there were prairie dogs and horse dropping everywhere. There was a different trail that looked wider and more traveled, so we'll try that one out next time we head to the area. The first time we lingered in a spot - to let Stella do her business - Coco took the opportunity to shoulder down and wiggle around in the brush. Thankfully, there were no horse droppings in the area. The atmosphere was very serene and Colby was notably more relaxed than on average.

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