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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Colby and Mamacita are both dealing with some minor paw issues (Colby worn pads, Mamacita cracked nail) so we had a leisurely stroll along the Boulder Creek Path rather than a more vigorous hike this morning. At one point, we relaxed in the grass beside the path. Ruffers made play bows with Sputnik and Sputnik returned in kind, and then Colby joined in and the three of them had some fun hopping around with each other. Meanwhile, Mamacita sprawled out and wiggled around in the grass.

Variety Pack

Coco and Zoey had fun running around the trails at CU South together this afternoon. There was a light sprinkle for much of our time out, but the dogs decided they weren't wet enough so they ran down into a muddy ditch and splashed around as they played. We headed over to the pond after that so they could wash off in some clearer water.

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