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Monday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Chunk joined the pack on a light hike at the CU South Campus Trails this morning during the solar eclipse. He did a good job keeping up on his 3 legs for most of the time until the last 15 minutes, when he had to start taking frequent breaks to gather up his energy and catch his breath. Rucksack found a tennis ball beside the CU tennis courts early on in the hike. He carried it the entire time and fetched it when I threw it for him every so often. Sputnik enjoyed a bit of off-leash time when there were no other dogs around, and he made the most of it by racing around through the brush Chunk wanted to chase him but couldn't keep up. Cooper and Mamacita hiked alongside me on leashes. Cooper got pretty worked up about the other dogs that we passed. He whined while staring at them, until they passed on by. I snapped a photo of the whole pack right at the peak of the eclipse, but it was still so bright out that you can't tell from the photo.

Variety Pack

Colby, Stella, Coco, and Mamacita walked the Boulder Creek Path together this afternoon. It was a quiet and peaceful walk, though Colby was on alert and was jumping even at sounds far off in the distance. Surprisingly, Coco actually didn't wiggle in the grass today. Stella and Mamacita also took the day off in that respect; but, I'm sure they will all make up for it soon.

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