Tuesday, Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff, Sputnik, and Cooper all had their noses working in overdrive this morning. Griff just wanted to sniff, but Cooper and Sputnik made sure to leave their marks at every point of interest. Cooper and Coco lingered in the stream for as long as I let them today, but didn't put up any resistance when it was time to continue on our way.

Variety Pack

The pack was quickly befriended by a playful Husky as soon as we arrived at the park this afternoon. Ruffers greeted the Husky with a wiggly demeanor and then the Husky proceeded to chase Isaac and Zoey around while they fetched tennis balls. Ruffers played with a brindle-coated dog later on, and also tried to butt in on a couple pairs of dogs who were wrestling around with each other. Later on, a golden-tinged Husky mix came over. The Husky wiggled around in the grass along with Isaac and Ruffers, and followed us around for a bit. Zoey also made friends with a guy who was happy to play some soccer with her, using a tennis ball to kick around and play some keep-away.