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Wednesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Sputnik, Mamacita, and Ruffers enjoyed a dip in the stream after hiking over the Red Rocks this morning. Sputnik sniffed around some in the beginning of the hike, but not nearly as much as when he and Cooper are out together. It was a calm and pleasant outing and we kept on the move pretty steadily. Mamacita seemed to be feeling much better after struggling with a very upset stomach yesterday.

Variety Pack

Cooper, Coco, Colby, Zoey, Isaac, and Yoda all walked the Bear Creek Path through South Boulder this afternoon. Cooper and Yoda both led the pack in sniffing along the creek, but the rest of the dogs were quick to follow up whenever the two of them lingered at an interesting spot. Everyone walked in place very nicely, keeping the leashes untangled. Coco indulged in a wiggle in the grass a couple times along the way, but her packmates declined to join her.

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