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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Coco, Cooper, Griff, and Sputnik walked the Boulder Creek Path this morning. We made one stop at the Creek along the way. A friendly group of a few people asked to say hello to the dogs, and Sputnik went right up to give kisses. Unfortunately, he was much less friendly toward a couple other dogs who passed by on the sidewalk while the pack was getting attention.

Variety Pack

Zoey wandered around in the weeds for a while today and chewed on a bit of grass, but before long she was racing for tennis balls alongside Isaac. Ruffers had a lot of fun with a small Spaniel as well as with some bigger dogs. She had more luck in attracting the attention of playmates today, rather than just harassing pairs of dogs who were more interested in each other. Isaac flopped around in the dirt after a dip in the kiddie pool, so I brought him back to the pool on our way out to rinse him off. Zoey splashed around in the pool a bit but only got her paws wet.

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