Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

Griff played scout for Sputnik and Cooper by identifying points of interest along the trail. When Griff found a spot and sniffed at it a bit, Sputnik and Cooper followed up on leash with me and engaged in their own investigations. Coco sniffed along the trail in passing but didn't apply the same focus as her packmates to any particular spot.

Variety Pack

Thompson rejoined the pack under the cooler weather that graced us today. We headed to CU South Campus and took a leisurely pace as we wound throughout the western trails. Ruffers eagerly sniffed hello with the dogs who passed by, while Zoey, Isaac, Colby, and Thompson were content to pass on by most of the time. However, one particularly friendly and forward pup walked right up into the middle of the pack and lingered to sniff and be sniffed by everyone.