Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

The pack was all panting from the outset and took a slow, steady pace on the trails this morning even though the temperature wasn't particularly high. It did feel a bit more humid than usual. Cooper was very vocal about the first few dogs he saw when they passed by the car after we parked, but he was much tamer with passing dogs once we were on the trail. Sputnik also took the passing of dogs on the trails in stride. Coco and Griff leaned across the trail to sniff get a sniff of some of the other dogs we saw.

Variety Pack

Colby joined in alongside Isaac and Zoey for some fetch. She also took their lead and hopped into the kiddie pool a couple times. Isaac and Zoey are real clowns at the park. Everyone gets a kick out of their enthusiastic ball-chasing and the reckless abandon with which they splash around in the kiddie pool. Colby wasn't quite as flamboyant as her packmates but she had fun nonetheless. It was adorable when she started dunking her whole head into the water, face-first. Ruffers stayed out of the pool but she enjoyed chasing Colby and Zoey around. She also made friends with a playful group of pups while her packmates were keeping entertained with tennis balls and water.