Tuesday Pack Activities

Adventure Pack

No praying mantis sightings today, but a ladybug landed on Sputnik's back at one point. Griff spotted something in the meadow at the Chautauqua as we walked along the Baseline Trail. I couldn't find what he was looking at, but he woofed a few times and was very focused. None of the rest of the pack picked up on anything. Coco was interested for a moment but then stopped looking when she couldn't identify the source of Griff's concern, either. Later on, We passed by an area that was shrouded in bushes and I noticed something stirring. After a moment, I saw deer legs through the bushes. Cooper noticed, as well, and wanted to stay to watch them, but I got him to follow the rest of the pack with a little coaxing.

Variety Pack

Ruffers, Isaac, Zoey, and Colby headed to the Bear Creek Path for a walk this afternoon. We meandered through a small park along the way since Zoey seemed particularly interested in sniffing around. There were a lot of bikers out but the pack wasn't ruffled by them. Colby didn't even mind much when a couple skateboarders went by. It has seemed to help lately that I have kept her at my right side so she has more of a buffer between herself and passers-by. Ruffers and Isaac lay in the grass together at a shady spot where we took a water break, and Isaac soon started wiggling around on his back. I caught a funny photo of Zoey and Colby getting a drink from the CamelBak spout. They both took pretty quickly to drinking that way. Ruffers still has some hesitation, but she took a drink as well, along with Isaac.