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Thursday Pack Activities

Adventure pack

Coco stuck closer to the pack than usual today, while Griff played scout ahead of the group. Cooper seemed to have a slightly easier time keeping up. He got very excited about a passing German Shepherd on our way up the hill, and I think that excitement got his energy level up. Sputnik started a slight grumble when the German Shepherd paused to sniff at the pack, but he let it go pretty quickly without freaking out.

Variety Pack

The pack was all really playful at the park this afternoon. Early on, Ruffers chased Colby around while Zoey went on a sniffing adventure and Isaac got straight to some fetch. Later on, we met several fun dogs. A Weimaraner puppy and a chocolate Lab took interest in Zoey and chased her all around. Ruffers, Isaac, and Colby all joined in for some rounds as well. After that, they found more friends. The pack all did a lot of running around today.

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